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Juniper Hills Country Club is a member-only golf, tennis, swimming, and social Club. All its facilities are professionally managed, according to guidelines established by the Club Managers Association of America, the Golf Course Superintendent Association of America, the Professional Golf Association, and the United States Tennis Association.

Certificate members vote on club membership issues and elect a Board of Directors at an annual meeting. The club is governed through bylaws, and guided by its Board of Directors and various committees which direct all planning for facility upgrades.

Juniper Hills offers different membership types. One membership covers one person and their immediate family including any children, unmarried, under 23 years of age. With your application and appropriate fees, you are ready to enjoy our fine facilities.  Your membership will also include Clubcorp benefits. When you travel, Club Benefits offers access to the exclusive world of private clubs including golf, dining, social events, athletic facilities and more. Contact the office at 233-0241 for more information.